Birth of an idea 


   Birth of an idea 


India can be a land of champions. However, all champions need self-belief and focus.

India on Track (IOT) has been set up to instil these core ideas in the youth of our country through sports.

We are committed to identifying and nurturing talent in every corner of India and we will do this through grassroots and specialized training programmes, Centres of Excellence and talent scouting camps. IOT is determined to provide the right platform to help young achievers on their way.

In stadiums, school grounds, parks and local compounds we see the air charged with self-belief. Belief in who we are and what we can achieve in the future. And we do this by sending India out to play.

India will be a land of champions.

Two Fold Objective

1 To create a system for raw talent to be carefully nurtured into world class athletes through high-level training while also creating opportunities for our talent pool to showcase their skills on the global stage.

2 To create recreational opportunities for children to learn and play a sport and imbibe the essential skills, fitness, technical and mental fortitude along with the satisfaction of participating in a productive and wholesome activity.


 What we do 


   What we do 

  • IOT is unwavering in its commitment to help India recognize and celebrate the power of sports, be it recreational or professional. We want to equip our next generation with the tools to help build a healthier, stronger nation that would have its roots as much in sports as other disciplines.



    "You build a player like you build a house. You start with the foundations, the fundamentals" - Arsene Wenger

    In a ground-breaking venture, India on Track (IOT) has partnered with Arsenal Soccer Schools to create one of India's leading comprehensive football grassroots development programmes. The long-term deal gives IOT the opportunity to open official Arsenal Soccer Schools throughout India.

    The initiative provides participants best-in-class training and coaching in quality facilities, with programmes created and executed using the technical expertise of Arsenal Soccer Schools.

    IOT - Arsenal Soccer Schools will be partnering with reputed educational institutions across the country and will provide a growth platform for top performers through various channels including youth tournaments.

    Students will benefit from continued input from coaching staff at the club, for a wholesome learning experience. Whether the child wants to be the next superstar or they just want to have a kick-about, IOT recognizes every child's love for sport and encourages that. The IOT - Arsenal Soccer Schools programme welcomes any child who wants to 'Play the Arsenal Way'.

    FC Pune City

    IOT is the technical advisor to FC Pune City, the Pune franchise of the Indian Super League. IOT supported the franchise in securing a partnership with ACF Fiorentina and now manages various aspects of the franchise including technical tie-ups, recruitment of domestic and international players, technical staff, creating and implementing the franchise's grassroots and youth development strategy as well as developing their commercial strategy.

    JCT Limited: Football Club and Academy

    JCT Limited has partnered with IOT to re-launch the JCT Football Club in the 2015/16 season of the I-League's second division.

    IOT in partnership with JCT Limited is also setting up an elite residential training and development academy at Hoshiarpur, Punjab in early 2015. The academy programme will identify, train and develop the top talent within Punjab, across various age groups. The Academy will provide housing, education and help with other day to day needs to all participants. The aim is to create a world class training and development facility with technical support from IOT - Arsenal Soccer Schools including technical staff, training methodology, training and development curriculum and progression platforms.

Think Tank

 Who we are 

 Think Tank

   Who we are 

We are


    It's easy to turn one's dreams into reality. The challenge is when they belong to others. It is easier to make millions than to make a difference.

    Gaurav strongly believes in the potential of the youth and has been engaged in many initiatives for unlocking this through the medium of education, training and counselling. An avid sports enthusiast, he aspires to extend his passion for youth development even to this domain. It is this love and passion for sports that led Gaurav to envision India on Track.

    Gaurav has over 17 years of rich work experience across various sectors and industries such as Hospitality, Real Estate, Retailing, IT, Financial Services, Education and Sports. He was the founder CEO of Wadhawan Holdings and is board member in many companies. With a strong background in finance, corporate strategy and general management, Gaurav has been an integral part of the group's success. During his career he has also been a part of numerous start-ups and has worked on many youth initiatives. Currently, he is also the CEO of a cricket team in the Sri Lanka Premier League


    We are not human beings who have come to this world to have a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience

    Vivek's life has been a testament to this philosophy. From being a 5-time national junior skating champion to getting 100/100 in Math in 10th boards! He has traversed the worlds of MBA (Cornell University) and management consulting (Deloitte) but returned to his first love - Sports. For the last many years, Vivek has led various projects contributing significantly in providing essential managerial, advisory and operational support to various clients within sports federations, franchises and corporate brands.

    Apart from being an avid sports fan, Vivek loves to travel. He has a personal ambition to travel to 100 countries and is almost half way there. His favorite travel experiences include hiking Mount Kiliminjaro, sleeping in the Amazon jungle in Colombia, watching India play Pakistan in Lahore and driving 17 hours straight to watch a football world cup match in South Africa.


    You must be the change you wish to see in the world

    A self-confessed Gandhian, Rashim was not averse to destroying her opponents on the battlefield of Sport. Her love for Sport has also manifested itself throughout her working life as a TV journalist, anchor & deputy sports editor for Headlines Today. Rashim is the creative brain on our team. For the last 10 years, she has lived her dream, travelling around the globe for Formula One, Golf, Cricket and Tennis. She has interviewed, held panel discussions and shared coffees with sports legends like Sir Richard Hadlee, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Mathew Hayden, Adam Gilchrist, Padraig Hamilton, Lewis Hamilton- the list goes on...

    Though her focus has been Sports, her education at Sophia's has left her with a deep appreciation for fine arts, whether the writings of Manto and Gibran, the films of Guru Dutt or the Renaissance Masters. She firmly believes that while commerce keeps you alive, only Art nourishes your soul. A champion for animal rights, Rashim adores dogs and wants to build a home for stray animals.


    It's not about the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog

    No challenge is too great for Rohan. Our team's energizer bunny, Rohan is always buzzing with ideas and energy. Something his Modern School buddies would vouch for. After finishing his B.COM (Hons.) from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, Rohan worked on developing and executing brand-building strategies through consumer activations and then made the switch to sports management. He has helped develop and manage commercial sponsorship programmess for the ICC, FIH and Mumbai Indians. Rohan has also provided strategic and operational support on events including the 2010 Hockey World Cup, the 2011 Cricket World Cup, IPL 4 & 5 and the 2012 FIH Olympic qualifiers - he has done it all!

    When not working on sports, Rohan is busy watching them on the telly, reading/ writing about them or actively participating in them. And if it's football or cricket, then you can forget trying to pull him off the field!

    Rohhan Sharma

    Victory belongs to those that believe in it the most and believe in it the longest.

    If you haven't already guessed, Rohhan Sharma is a huge fan of the Armed Forces. Not surprising if you consider that he comes from a long line of officers in the Indian Army and Air Force and his life as an 'Army brat' has shaped him into the individual he is today. Having lived and done his schooling all over India, Rohhan has learnt to adapt to situations and cultures. He went on to study BBA and venture into the world of advertising working on brands like mountain dew, Tropicana, Oakley, Rayban among others.

    Rohhan's personal life reflects his Army upbringing, with his passion for sports especially snooker and swimming, his love for war flicks and impromptu road trips. But most importantly, Rohhan is the eternal optimist and believes nothing is impossible.


    A lesson lived is a lesson learnt

    Parul is a thinker, speaker, author, entrepreneur and has been a thought leader in the fields of social development and community empowerment for the last 18 years. He has worked on a range of development issues, such as Gender inclusion & Entrepreneurship, Child Rights, Corporate Social Responsibility and bringing aid efficiency in large aid programs. We trust him to give all our projects and business verticals a sustainable outlook which creates a high social impact.

    He is a St. Stephens graduate in Economics and Political Science and a Masters in Economic Administration and Financial Management. His expertise has led him around the world to provide strategic leadership to large social development programs at varying level. Now, Parul is the Global Managing Partner of Think Through Consulting (TTC), a professional services firm that specializes in providing advisory support to social development initiatives.

    Parul was previously a Partner and the Global Co-leader for Not-for-profit organizations in EY. Hewas instrumental in launching the Development Advisory Services and overseeing the activities of the engagement teams within the EY Global International Development Network.

    His credentials also include being an Advisor and Director in India for The Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN); a Founding Board Member of Save the Children-BalRaksha, a board Member of SafeLIFE Foundation; and a senior advisor on the Global Advisory Board of WeConnect International. He actively encourages and supports entrepreneurs as a Chair of the Board of Power of Youth in India, and via the Advisory board of Biz Divas, a CSR initiative by Altavis Private Limited.


    Lo intentas y no lo consigues, lo vuelves a intentar y no lo consigues, esto no esfracasar, fracasares no volverlo a intentarotravez     - You try and do not succeed, you go back and try again and still do not succeed; this is not failing, failure is to not try again

    David was a flamboyant teraquista (central attacking midfielder) who played for Spanish giants Valencia CF and French top division club Montpellier HSC. He's been a student of the game since childhood helping him reach the higher echelons of football before ending his professional career in 1999 due to a knee injury.

    Not to be fazed, David did his UEFA coaching licenses, and is now a UEFA Pro Licensed coach specializing in identifying and developing talented young footballers with a degree in Sports Science. His spirit and steadfast personality have led him to India and to become the Technical Director of India On Track where he takes care of the implementation of the coaching framework, training of the students and charting their progression.

    He has been the Technical Director of the Academy FuturCastello, responsible for seventeen teams,and worked as an Individual Technical Specialist for the TIMCA Football Academy.

    David has spent more than 3 years in India following his passion for teaching and developing football. He has seen grassroots football globally and now has a vision to develop football in India that includes creating structure and expertise through endeavours like India On Track.

  • Saurabh Mehta

    When you feel like quitting, think about why you started

    With a master's degree in Sports & Media Law from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Saurabh heads the Partner Relations & Legal teams at India On Track. Saurabh is responsible for on going development, management & communication of the various partners of India On Track.

    Saurabh's background also includes creation of documentation for stakeholders in sport, including commercial guidelines, sales & marketing materials, sponsorship & broadcast agreements, player contracts & dispute resolution processes.



 Who we want 


    Who we want 

  • Get on board

    Considering all of the different people we communicate with in this global arena, it only makes sense that our people be equally diverse.

    Team Members are encouraged to bring their ideas, experiences and perspectives acquired from their varied backgrounds to the workplace. Our team is expanding fast and we are looking for people to join our Strategy, Operations, Business Development, Technical Training and Administrative teams. We strive to create an environment in which all employees can contribute to their fullest potential without regard to their race, gender, religion, ethnic or cultural background, music taste, appearance, sexual orientation or team preference.

    If you have a unique point of view please do write to us at careers@indiaontrack.in


 Fill up our inbox, we like that 


   Fill up our inbox, we like that 

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